Pompeo On Bolton Firing: "I'm Never Surprised," Not Here To Talk About "Palace Intrigue"


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responds to a question about the firing of National Security Advisor John Bolton at Tuesday's briefing announcing new anti-terror sanctions: "I know everyone has talked about this for an awfully long time. There were definitely places that Ambassador Bolton and I had different views on how we should proceed."

QUESTION: Quickly on the original guidance for this briefing, Bolton was on the guidance to be here so were you two blindsided by what occurred today that he is no longer with the administration? Was it news to you today because last night we were told he would be here today?

POMPEO: I--I am never surprised.


QUESTION: Well, let me ask it--

POMPEO: And I don't mean that on just this issue and I think Secretary Mnuchin would say the same thing. We work very closely with the president of the United States. We--I--I think we have a pretty good understanding of how he is thinking about things. I think you would agree Stephen at nearly all times and so you know our--our mission set is not to talk about that palace intrigue. I know you are so curious about but rather to talk about the things that matter to American foreign policy.

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