Elizabeth Warren: Under Trump, We Have A Secretary Of Defense Who Spent Seven Years As Head Lobbyist For Raytheon


"The Young Turks" reporter Emma Vigeland asked presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren about her vote to increase the 2017 military budget:

EMMA VIGELAND, TYT: You've focused a lot on progressive domestic policy, but you also voted for a military budget increase in 2017, how does that square with your progressive politics when we're talking about foreign policy?

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: If the question is, do I think we should cut the military budget, the answer is yes. And I'm now on the Senate Armed Services Committee and I've had this fight over and over again.

We need to stop the control of our defense budget that is exercised by the giant defense industry.

We now have a Secretary of Defense [Patrick Shanahan] who spent seven years as the main lobbyist for [Defense contractor] Raytheon. I asked for some simple conflict of interest rules that he would abide by. For example, not to make decisions that would involve Raytheon and Raytheon’s bottom line, and he refused. The Republicans confirmed him anyway. This is what corruption is all about -- putting lobbyists in charge of our government agencies -- a lobbyist, a former lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency.

This is the heart of corruption and the moment has come to call it out and fight back.

(h/t: Breitbart Video)

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