Limbaugh: Washington Establishment And Media Only Function Peacefully When The Republican Party Agrees To Be The Loser


Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday afternoon warned Trump supporters that there will never be peace and tranquility in the Washington Establishment and the mainstream media unless the Republican Party agrees to be "the Washington Generals to the Democrat Party's Harlem Globetrotters."

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now to the Republican Party, we have three Republicans who have announced they're gonna run... We have the guy that told Obama he was a liar when he was in the House and Obama's making some speech and this guy says, "You Lie." What this guy's name? Joe [Walsh] ... And Mark Sanford, the former governor of North Carolina and former member of Congress. This is the guy who gave it all up for a woman in South America. This guy got caught up in an affair of the heart, he lost all perspective, proving one of my oft-stated undeniable truths of life, and that's... lust/love, the only human emotions that will make you do things that in a rational state of mind you would never do. This guy gave it all up because he was infatuated or in love or whatever with some woman from Argentina, and he left his family, left his wife, left the job, nobody knew where he was, and when they finally caught up with him he said he had been hiking alone on the Appalachian Trail, trying to get in touch with himself and with nature whatever, it was finally exposed to be a gigantic lie. It was a huge embarrassment for everybody involved.

He paid his penance for a while and now he's back in American politics and he says that he's going to seek the Republican nomination against Trump in the 2020 primary because he believes the Republican Party has lost its way. He says he's upset with all this spending, he's upset with the size and the expansion of the deficit. He's very very very concerned that the Republican Party, which use the stand for fiscal responsibility, economic growth, getting rid of the debt, or paying down the annual deficit, the national debt. That's out the window now, Trump is spending like we've never had anybody spend before. He says the Republican Party has lost its way.

Well, I would remind, for those of you new to the program, that's not a sentiment with which I disagree. I just disagree with the timing, I don't think the Republican Party lost its way with Trump. Trump is the result of the Republican Party having lost its way. And you know when you can trace the Republican Party having lost its way? Where do you think? Listen, if you were playing Jeopardy right now and the $25,000 prize hinged on you answering this question correctly, "When did the Republican Party in the modern era lose its way?"

Exactly right, in the post-Reagan era. And why did the Republican Party lose its way? Because they abandoned conservatism! They abandoned conservatism and pretended to be conservative. They talked about it but they never implemented it, or rarely. They promised to during campaigns but once they got elected there wasn't any, and it fooled people for a while, but that's when you trace the Republican Party having lost its way. It's always been it's been frustrating. Reagan shows the way, straight down the middle conservatism, won two landslide elections in 1980 and 1984, proved a whole bunch of conservative theory that you can cut taxes and double the size of government, you create revenue that Washington would otherwise never get by cutting taxes. That you can create new jobs and lower the deficit and lower inflation by cutting taxes...

But all during this time, the Washington establishment, including both Republicans and Democrats, did not like Reagan because they didn't like conservatism. They don't like anything that de-emphasizes the role of government on a day-to-day basis and they don't like anything that de-emphasizes or shrinks the size of government. So they pretended to love Reagan, they all wanted to be in the spotlight, but privately they were plotting how to take control of the party once Reagan's two terms were over and get it back on track to where... the Republican Party was the Washington Generals to the Democrat Party's Harlem Globetrotters.

That's when Washington functions, when the Republicans know their place, and that is as losers in the minority party, that's what Washington functions, that's what the media is happy. When that goes astray that's when the left loses it. That's what we're in now. We were in it during the 80s with Reagan. The Washington D.C. order was upset. I'm not kidding, I'm not exaggerating, Washington D.C. functions in peace and tranquility when the Republicans know their place, and that is as a minority that occasionally wins the White House, but still does not try to dismantle any aspect of the Washington establishment. Instead, Republicans and Democrats work together to maintain it, maybe even grow it.

You saw what happened when the Republicans won the House for the first time in 40 years in the 1994 elections. The Washington insiders went bonkers, the media went nuts, Newt Gingrich got the Ronald Reagan treatment that Donald Trump is now getting. If you want peace... and I'm going to expand on this as the program unfolds, because folks, I'm sensing some wavering among you Deplorables, among you Trump supporters. I'm sensing just that tiniest bit of wavering. Do you know where I'm seeing it? I have a few people starting to talk about how they wish Trump would do more to make the media like him, or at least do more to make the media stop focusing on him all the time. It's understandable, it's human emotion, and it is fatigue.

The people who voted for Trump would much rather see Trump receive accolades, they would much rather see Trump be celebrated rather than constantly ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of, attempted to be destroyed, all that.

And I need to remind everybody here today, and every day going forward, what is at stake and what this was always going to be if Trump won. And it's only going to get worse. Its 365-24/7, that means all the time. What you're seeing now -- it's not going to change. There's no way to buy off the media. There's no way to placate the media. There's no way to soften the media. The only thing to do is to keep defeating the media and the Democrats politically.

So I will expand on this as the program unfolds. Ah, yes, Bill Weld is the [third] Republican seeking the nomination. The Republican Party is responding, saying they'll just eliminate the primaries in 3 states and just erase you guys, but I know where Sanford's coming from with, "The Republican Party lost its way, Donald Trump is no longer a Republican." He's not, but Donald Trump's not the reason the Republican Party is lost. Donald Trump came in and picked up the pieces of what use to be the Republican Party.

I'm not making this up, when Washington D.C. is peaceful and tranquil and when you don't notice any acrimony is when the Republicans agree to be the minority party. I'm maybe exaggerating, in the modern era I don't think there are a lot of Republicans who want to lose, but I tell you, in the old days, pre-1980, you know how many Republicans were in the House of Representatives before Reagan won? Like 130. 130 out of 435, the Democrats didn't even let them into some committee meetings. The Republicans didn't care as long as they got to go play golf with people. It was their role to be a permanent minority since the days of FDR.

Reagan blew all of that up by becoming a winner and bringing a lot of Republicans along and having the Republican Party finally be defined as it should be the party of conservatism. But all the while, establishment Republicans were doing what they could undermine that after the end of Reagan's second term. And they did. The American people voted for Reagan in two landslide victories didn't want the Republican Party to go back to a permanent minority status, even if that's what it meant for there to appear to be peace and tranquility in Washington and in the media.

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