GOP Rep. Collins: Democrats Have Nothing On Impeachment, Dragging It Out To Appease Base


House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) appeared on FOX Business Network's 'Mornings with Maria' to discuss the Department of Justice IG report and impeachment.

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS: Yes, exactly. All right, let me turn to this vote that's expected this week on impeachment. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee looking to vote on a resolution to formally define what Chairman Jerry Nadler has referred to as the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. They want to have a vote, is it a committee vote, on Wednesday?

COLLINS: They only have the committee -- this, frankly, the chairman this is sad. I mean, they've turned a very powerful committee into a sad shell of itself. In the last eight months, simply attacking the president, simply going after the things that they hate about this administration. And the reality is, what we're doing this week is unprecedented; they're definitely charting new ground in -- basically, in areas in which they shouldn't be.

These proceedings in a committee are simply designed to make people think they're doing more than what they are. They've been in August, they've been hearing from their liberal base, you know, you get the president, you got to start impeachment proceedings when they know that they don't have votes on the house.

All they know, and otherwise it would have started, Ms. Pelosi is not going to let, the Speaker is not going to let that. So, what he's doing is, let's have a show. I sort of describe this way, Maria, if your birthday on 15th, we're going to celebrate it, we forgot it, we're going to celebrate on the 18th and we buy you a bigger present to make it look more birthday-er. That is what we're doing here.

They're making a little more impeachment. But there's a problem, they filed court papers early this past month saying that they had procedures for grand jury information and others on how they can handle that. Yet, we're hearing that this -- frankly, in this resolution, they're putting, they're laying out the procedures that they would use. Maybe they need to pull back and apologize to the court or -- oops maybe we need to change what we're doing. So, this is just a farce as a show. We'll see what happens.

BARTIROMO: So, in other words, they want to just keep talking about this so that the public thinks that there's actual meat on the bone.

COLLINS: They do. They just want to talk about it. I think, you know, it comes from the perspective of the chairman, I think, having deal with his own, you know, political processes up here in New York or whether it's primary issue, but also they have such a rabid base that refuses to see anything that the president has done. And all they want to do is undo the 2016 election. My question is when did the Judiciary Committee become a part of the (INAUDIBLE) of the DNC?

BARTIROMO: Yes, I think this is so funny that you say that. I'm really glad you mentioned the primary challengers because Jerry Nadler has a primary challenger right now, and she's -- she seems actually very impressive, when you look at Lindsey Boylan, I believe is her name. And do you think that's what's pushing him to get so progressive, that he is afraid that he's going to actually get unseated?

COLLINS: I think he's pushing a lot of members in the Democratic Party right now. Because remember -- if you remember, let's go back and just do a little quick history, in June, just the chairman -- said that there was, you know, unavoidable evidence that the Mueller report was going to find that the president should be impeached. Did Mueller testify? Nothing happened.

Then, we saw in July -- I mean, in August, the chairman sends a letter to the other committee chairman saying, hey, you got anything we can do impeachment on. And now, we're coming back to do another show resolution that will only -- basically camp in the committee, not go to the House floor so that there are moderates and others who don't want to vote on this will be protected from that.

Again, I wish at a certain point in time we put aside the pretense. I've got no problem debating real ideas. If we want to have an immigration solution that actually solve our borders, took care for us, took care asylum, took care of the traffic -- those are things we put on the floor.

Instead, we're simply tagging along the American people and their base. I believe, at some point, their base is going to look and say they're not doing anything what they say; they're trying to fool us.

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