Tom Bevan: New Hampshire Is The Most Competitive Early State For 2020 Democratic Primary


RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan joined MSNBC's Brian Williams Friday night to discuss the latest numbers in the RCP average of polls for the Democratic presidential nomination.

BRIAN WILLAIMS: Tom, give the folks watching tonight a viewer's guide to polling out of New Hampshire. What should be believed, what shouldn't? Is any of it worth a bucket of warm maple syrup?

TOM BEVAN: That's a tough question. Look, the last poll out of New Hampshire, actually, had Bernie Sanders leading by 6 percentage points, different from the other polls we've seen, all those had Joe Biden leading. It may be an outlier, we don't know. We need more polling from New Hampshire.

But it certainly looks like it's competitive. It's the most competitive early state of all of them right now. And the fact that Joe Biden's campaign was sort of downplaying New Hampshire and talking up the fact that there are these other New Englanders in the race speaks to the fact it's competitive up there right now.

Remember, independents can play. They are about 35% to 45% of the electorate and they can pull a Republican or Democratic ballot. All the action is on the Democratic side this time around. So you can look for the candidates to also --they're going to speak to activists-- but they will have some language in there and give a nod to independents.

Watch the full segment below with NBC News correspondent Mike Memoli:

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