Cornel West vs. Michael Meyers: Should Black Student Athletes Ignore Majority White Schools, Go To HBCUs?


Harvard philosophy professor Dr. Cornel West and former ACLU national vice president Michael Meyers Michael Meyers debate former ESPN host Jemele Hill's article in 'The Atlantic' titled 'It's Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges,' in which she argues black student-athletes should leave primarily white institutions (PWI) for historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).

Laura Ingraham hosted the two academics Thursday night and asked the question: is segregation a solution to racial injustice?

Meyers called Hill's argument an "old hat" and segregationist thinking.

"I think that what she is getting out is a fundamental issue that black people have always had to come to terms with. We've always wanted self-respect and self-determination," West said. "I can understand him saying this is an old hat in terms of skin color and unity. We are talking about moral and spiritual coming together and with your respect as a human being and it takes a number of different forms my brother, not just one form."

"People do not want to go to an inferior college," Meyers said. "Black colleges by and large are inferior colleges. They were created for that purpose. A dual system of higher education, one for blacks, which was inferior, one for whites. We are now in a modern society. We want our children, our students to think in modern terms."

"For Brother Michael to say black colleges are inferior across the board is ridiculous," West responded. "There are high-quality ones, there are medium-range ones and others. There are a whole lot of mediocre white schools."

"Where do you teach, Professor West?" host Laura Ingraham asked.

"I choose to teach at a place where I'm respected. I choose to teach at a place I am able to have impact," West responded.

"Where? Say it," Meyers interrupted.

"I don't go to Harvard and trash black colleges," West, a Harvard professor, said.

"The civil rights movement was dedicated to one society and includes an integrated society, not to have racially identifiable colleges, corners in America for blacks and for whites. You know that Cornel. Wake up!" Meyers said.

"This is the 21st century. Wake up!" he added.

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