Warren on Climate Crisis: We Only Have 11 Years To Cut Our Emissions In Half


Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed the climate crisis and how she would face President Donald Trump on the debate stage if she wins the Democratic nomination during a town hall on climate change hosted by CNN's Chris Cuomo:

CUOMO: You're on the debate stage. You're across from the president. And he says the Green New Deal is a dream because we're 60 percent right now on fossil fuels. You're saying you want to put into research and get it done, but you don't know how right now. So you want to bet our economy on an ambition. What's the answer?

WARREN: He says the Green New Deal is a dream? I would say...

CUOMO: I'm assuming he says it. I don't know what he'd say. It may not be that nice.

WARREN: So I'm just saying, where he is right now is a nightmare.


And that's where we really do have to start this conversation. Don't sit around and tell me what's not possible. Sit around and look what happens if we don't make change.

We've got, what, 11 years, maybe, to reach a point where we've cut our emissions in half, and that's not just America. We're only 20 percent of the problem. That's a big hunk of the problem, but there's another world out there that's 80 percent of this problem. So you bet that this is a moment where we better dream big and fight hard, because that's how it is that we're going to make the changes we need to make.

Now, part of it is going to be about research and development, you bet. Part of it we already know how to do. We know how to do off- shore wind. We know how to do solar. The question is, are we willing to put the resources into it? And my answer is yeah, we'd better be willing to put the resources into it because the alternative is unthinkable. Life on Earth is at risk, and if we don't make this commitment, we not only cheat our children, we cheat their future and their children's future, and that is morally wrong. We have to be all the way in.

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