Sharyl Attkisson Reports On European Immigration Crisis: Greece "A Storage Facility For The Rest Of Europe"


Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, host of 'Full Measure,' reports on the immigration crisis in Greece, that Europe is not helping enough and how much of the debate mirrors what is happening in the United States.

Attkisson reports:

It turns out after Europe's giant influx of refugees in 2015, much of Europe closed to the door to these immigrants, who are mostly Muslim. 
They’re still coming in big numbers. But because Europe has pulled in the welcome mat, they are largely stuck wherever they first land. 
For thousands, it's Greece.
Sharyl will go on a boat into the Aegean Sea with the Greek Coast Guard where the sailors fish hundreds of refugees— mostly women and children-- from flimsy rafts every night. If the refugees are lucky, they survive the trip on the overloaded inflatables.  But sometimes the rafts sink.
The refugees told Full Measure they pay a well established criminal human trafficking pipeline in Turkey to make the trip. Nobody seems interested in disrupting the pipeline.
We found similarities in the debate to the U.S. debate over illegal immigration.
Once the refugees come ashore in Greece, they are offered shelter, food, education and money at one of the country’s overcrowded camps.

Attkisson interviews a Hellenic Coast Guard in Greece:

Captain: Welcome to Europe – this is Hellenic Coast Guard, this is Hellenic Coast Guard. For your safety, stop your engine.

Sailor: No, go to the side.

Easy, Easy, easy.
Attkisson: There are more children and babies than either men or women…more than 50 people stuffed in a raft made for 9 to 12.

The new arrivals are from Afghanistan— One rescue worker described Greece as “a storage facility for the rest of Europe.” The immigration minister says Greece is quickly reaching its breaking point.
Greek immigration minister: If we pass 100,000 people in Greece, it will be a problematic situation.
Attkisson: When do you think you'll get to 100,000 without help?
Greek immigration minister: Without help? The first month of 2020.
Attkisson: Back on our rescue mission, we spot a second raft. 
Captain: This is Europe, we are here to save you. Stop the motor. Stop the boat!

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