Andrew Yang: You Know What's More Expensive Than Replacing Lead Pipes? Poisoning Our Kids


Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said he considers safe drinking water to be a basic human right at CNN's climate crisis town hall.


There's a lot of new studies coming out on the destructiveness of PFAS and how it harms human health. They're prevalent throughout the environment.

So what is your plan for regulating the materials that go into the products that are used by everyday Americans?

YANG: We need to do much more. I'm the parent of two young boys, one of whom is autistic.

And, as a parent, when you have your kids drinking water, or using various toys and household items, there's always something in the back of your mind, which is, is this safe?

And I just came from Flint. And while this is a separate issue, it's kind of the same, in the sense that the folks in Flint discovered that their water was toxic after the fact and are still recovering.

So, to me, safe drinking water is a fundamental human right.


YANG: And that, if you're an American, you should not be stressed out about the water that you're drinking and your kids are drinking.

And this is, again, the problem with having the almighty dollar running our society, where people look up and say, oh, replacing the pipes is expensive, or, oh, another substance would be more expensive.

Are you kidding me? You know what is expensive? Poisoning our kids.


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