Joe Scarborough: If It Were Muslims Committing Mass Shootings, Politicians Would Do Something


MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reacted to reports Tuesday morning that the man who shot dozens of people in West Texas over the weekend had a criminal record and did not go through a background check to buy his gun, stating bluntly: "I guarantee you, if it was a Muslim radical firing these AR-15s instead of white Americans, they would be figuring out something to do other than offering bland statements."

"This is an epidemic, an American epidemic, and these AR-style weapons are the carrier of this disease," he continued. "You look at a dozen or so of these shootings, from Odessa to Sandy Hook, all the way back to Aurora, it’s one AR-15 slaughter after another. If you talk to people in the military, they will tell you there’s only one purpose for these guns, it's to slaughter human beings. Well, that’s what these guns are being used for."

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