Rep. Denny Heck on Puerto Rico: Trump "Simply Hates Brown People"


Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) reacts to President Donald Trump's attack against Puerto Rico as Hurricane Dorian continues to gather strength.

BLITZER: Joining us now, Congressman Denny Heck. He's a Democrat who serves on the Intelligence Committee.

Congressman, thanks so much for joining us.

And you saw those tweets from President Trump about Puerto Rico. Why do you believe he's going after U.S. citizens like this while they are in harm's way?

REP. DENNY HECK (D-WA): It's a little overwhelming.

It seems like the last month, he's been a whole lot more focused on the island of Greenland than he has on the island of Puerto Rico, which is, of course, a part of U.S. territory, and where thousands and thousands of people, as a consequence of Hurricane Maria, are still living under blue tarps for their roofs.

Look, I think there's some things to remind people of here. First of all, Puerto Ricans have, in disproportionate numbers, volunteered, served and died in our wars. Second, they are U.S. citizens. I can come away from this with only a couple conclusions, one of which

is very painful. Namely, the presidency simply hates brown people, especially if they happen to speak another language.

Secondly, I suspect he's getting increasingly desperate and shrill and brittle as a consequence of 10 days of pretty bad news. He had bad news on the economic front, and the prospect that we may be headed toward or slipping into a recession.

And, of course, he's had a unbelievably bad news on the polling front. A recent poll -- and I suspect this is part of why he's attacking FOX -- even a FOX poll shows him getting beat by every major potential opponent in the Democratic Party, and, oh, by the way, not by a little.

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