Former Cruz Spokesman: The Republican Party Is "Dead And Buried"


MSNBC analyst Rick Tyler, who worked as Ted Cruz's campaign spokesman in 2016, said Wednesday that President Trump has killed the Republican Party.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: And Rick Tyler, here we go with the Republican Party again, here in the state of Alabama, a state I know well and love, but you can go around the country and see the Trump effect on one Republican Party after another, and it is truly distressing all in support of a president who says he's going to seize private lands and told his aides to do it illegally and he would pardon them. From a president who ordering private companies to move out of other countries, a guy who's running up the biggest debt ever, some of the biggest deficits ever, and this is the guy that Trump Republicans are following over the cliff, politically.

RICK TYLER, MSNBC: Donald Trump has the single largest operating deficit in American history, and he passes budgets without really any negotiation at all, you know, this is what conservatives used to try to do, get a smaller more responsible, limited government. He's gone in the opposite direction of that. These tariffs, which he lies about, are taxes, they hurt the poor the most. When you start taxing food products at 25%, that doesn't mean anything probably to me and you, Joe. We could probably afford that. But it means a lot to a lot to people who can't afford, it is maybe the difference between eating today or not.

You know, on issue after issue after issue, what the Republican Party stood for, what it used to say it stood for, it doesn't stand for those things anymore. The Republican Party, as far as I can tell, is the Republican Party is gone, dead and buried and it is probably not coming back.

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