Cenk Uygur: Trump "Will Leave Office Before His Term Is Up"


'The Young Turks' co-host Cenk Uygur and CORE's Niger Innis debate on Tuesday's edition of Chris Cuomo's show on CNN.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: Stocks closed lower today. There is no resolution in sight on the Trump-China Trade War. It seems that this administration misread its leverage. Recession warnings are not fading in the bond market.

If American farmers keep bearing the brunt of the hits, as they are now, will it cost this President in 2020? All of these problems are of his own making.

That's the start of The Great Debate with Cenk Uygur and Niger Innis.




CUOMO: Cenk, I start with you. How big a deal do you think this is for the President's re-election efforts?

CENK UYGUR, CEO & HOST, THE YOUNG TURKS: I think the President's in a world of trouble. Now, his polls are down to 40 percent, according to CNN, down to 36 percent, according to Associated Press.

He's doing miserably in all the states, including Iowa, as you mentioned there. The - the farmers have turned on him. There's almost no one left. And wait till you get to the crash. After the market crashes, he's going to have no support at all.

In fact, I'll predict right here for you, Chris. I think Donald Trump will leave Office before his term is up. He'll be humiliated, embarrassed, and I know him. He's not going to want to lose.

CUOMO: That's--

UYGUR: And he's going to run for the hills. CUOMO: You've got that bet all day long. One, I hope there is no market crash. I want a strong economy for this country, for me, and my family. And no way he's leaving.

But Niger, to the point of order, the economy is everything for this President. He has to overcome divisive talk and rhetoric that I don't see as getting a ground-swell of majority support for him, so he needs the economy. How tenuous is the circumstance?

NIGER INNIS, CONGRESS OF RACIAL EQUALITY NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON, TEAPARTYFWD.COM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, POLITICAL CONSULTANT: Well there's no question that the President would like a booming economy, as opposed to folk like Cenk and Bill Maher who are rooting for a recession for the American people, which would cause all of us pain, not just Republicans, but Democrats, Independents, conservatives and liberals alike.

Look, what the President needs to do, and I said this on the last time I was on this show, was that he needs to rally the American people, and specifically target farmers, and say, "Look, we are in a battle to regain the balance that we have lost for 30 years, allowing China to grow unfairly, using unfair trade practices, from currency manipulation to stealing our intellectual property, and the like."

He needs to have a fireside chat, rally the American people. The fact of the matter is, ironically, there are even some Democrats who support his new trade policy, and the fact that he's doing it now.

It is a now-or-never moment. If we are not successful at rebalancing our situation with China in this administration, then I fear we never will.

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