Heilemann: G-7 Showed How Trump Has "Abdicated" America's Position As "Leader Of The Free World"


MSNBC "Morning Joe" regular John Heilemann warned Tuesday morning that the president's performance at this weekend's G-7 summit in France symbolized his "abdication" of the position of "leader of the free world."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Again, John, the world is on fire when he's over there G-7.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Literally. Look at what's happening with Russia, China, with our closest allies, and your answer is to go back to last week and say, well, it's a good idea to purchase Greenland. Another Trump apologist. Doing the same. How do they ignore the fire in front of them?

JOHN HEILEMANN: I believe the word you are looking for is sycophant and toady. Because Trump's performance was quintessentially Trump and the Republican reaction was quintessentially Republican, in the sense that they ignore what he's doing, suck up to him. They have given up the pretense of not being in his pocket.

The main thing over the weekend, all the things you laid out, the image that summed up the whole thing was the notion, to your image of the world on fire, the Amazon is on fire. The most urgent meeting of the weekend, in some respects, is the meeting on climate change where the entire industrialized world, the rest of the world recognized in a way now that it has never before, climate change is vividly on display as we watch the Amazon burning in a way that's going to potentially create ecological havoc that takes hundreds of years to correct if it ever gets corrected. In the session on climate change at the G-7, the president didn't show up. There was an empty chair which symbolizes where we are now. We are fully there. The President of the United States is abdicating...

He says he was off doing bilateral meetings with India and German, and of course, those leaders were actually in the room, so he lied again. But I think the bigger story is of abdication. We've talked about how Donald Trump was ceding American leadership on the world stage over the course of the last two and a half years. We now have the full abdication of leadership, and the heads of the other G-7 nations, which in every other transnational international meeting over the years, have tried to wheedle Trump, to cajole Trump, to push Trump, to offer blandishments to Trump, they've given up. All they're doing now is, how do we keep the arsonist from burning down the house, how do we keep him from doing damage, because America is no longer the leader of the free world. That's what we saw over the weekend, and in the long arc of history, that's the moment.

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