CFR President Richard Haass: Under Trump, The United States Has Become The "Principal Disruptor" Of World Order


Council on Foreign Relations head Richard Haass joined MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday to give his thoughts on President Trump's performance at this week's 2019 G-7 summit in France.

RICHARD HAASS: The measure of a G-7 now isn't what you accomplish, it's what you avoid. In this case, it was avoiding a major blow-up with the United States from the get-go. Emmanuel Macron decided the last thing you needed was a communique because it would be impossible to get one the United States could sign onto that would be substantive. He was very smart. He cut his losses.

I think John's point is right. Abdication is a word I have used. Essentially the United States has gone from being the principal architect and general contractor of world order to now becoming the principal disruptor. The problem for the Europeans and the Japanese and others is they lack the capacity to subjects duty substitute for us. They do what they can. $20 million for Amazon fires which is a literal drop in the bucket. Without the United States in the driver's seat, we don't make a lot of progress. The gap between the challenges and the international responses is growing. That's the historical judgment about the G-7, which looks like a tired gathering.

I think the two immediate things I would highlight are the president walked back two big issues. The trade war, for the moment, with China and the threat of actual war with Iran. On both of those, I think there was a change from where he showed up in France and where he ended.

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