Bongino: "Captain Unreliable Sources" Brian Stelter Is CNN's "Lead Conspiracy Theorist"


FOX News contributor Dan Bongino laid into CNN's Brian Stelter for hosting a Harvard psychiatrist that claimed President Trump is mentally ill and may be responsible for more deaths than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

BRIAN KILMEADE: McCabe or no McCabe? CNN has no shortage of questionable contributor. You got another one, he’s got a Sunday show or a weekend show, Brian seltzer. He had former Duke University psychological professor Allen Frances on and he made his bizarre claim: that President Trump might be more responsible for more deaths than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.


KILMEADE: Is that unbelievable? Stelter sat there, did nothing to interrupt Frances’s bizarre rant. He later said he failed to do so because of technical difficulties.

Dan Bongino has no technical difficulties. He shows up without a tie every time he’s asked and he was an NYPD officer, worked for the Secret Service and it now joins us again. Hey Dan, sometimes there are technical difficulties and you missed it but that was a long rant. How do you not qualify that, pushback on that?

DAN BONGINO: Brian, listen man, you’ve been doing this a long time. You don't really believe that, right? Just to be clear. That was not a technical difficulty. You know how I know it? I haven’t doing this as long as you, but it’s been eight years I’ve been doing media. Here's how you know. Go to -- what this show called, Unreliable Sources?

KILMEADE: Reliable Sources.

BONGINO: They can call it Reliable Sources, that's one of the great mysteries of our time, how his show got the title Reliable Sources. I'm going to call it unreliable sources. Go to their Twitter feed and you’ll see they promoted the clip. They promoted it. Like on their Twitter feed.

So, if you were having a technical difficulty and this was such an embarrassment for your show, which it was, this abhorrent statement this guy made, which was really horrible, you wouldn't think he would go out and promote it yet. And watch Stelter’s response. Again, this guy is the most unreliable source on TV. Watch what he does. He nods his head; he goes hmm. This is total nonsense.

Besides, Brian, again as you know, there are producers in your ear, somebody could be talking right now, they're not.


BONGINO: When something like that happens they can get in your ear and say, “Hey listen, you may want to cut this short.” Nobody did that. So, if he was having technical problems, somebody heard him because he was still on the air. Why was nobody stopping him short? The reason is, Stelter’s lying.

One more thing about Stelter, Captain Unreliable Sources, this is the same guy who's been calling out this network and other places. He called out Mark Levin in for being a conspiracy theorist for saying that there was a FISA warrant on Trump. He never apologized for that, Stelter either. This guy is the lead conspiracy theorist out there and I'm getting tired of this guy.

(via Newsbusters)

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