Joe Walsh: Primary Run "Not About The Issues, It's About Trump"


Former one-term Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) said his primary campaign against President Donald Trump is not about the issues, it's about Trump being morally unfit.

"Policy-wise, how would you be different than President Trump?" CNN anchor John Berman asked Walsh.

"I'm running against Trump because he's morally unfit. Period. It's about Trump. It's not about the issues. It's about Trump," Walsh said Monday night on CNN. "But on the issues, I believe in wall Trump. Trump hasn't built a wall. I believe in border security. Trump has botched the border. The border is a bigger mess now than when Obama left office."

"You're to the right of the president on immigration?" Berman asked.

"If you want to call that to the right, but again I don't believe Trump is anywhere to the left or right," Walsh said. "Trump is only about Trump. I went to Washington ten years ago to do something about the debt and the deficits. This president is increasing the debt more than Obama did."

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