Ana Kasparian: Democrats Want Someone Who's "Going To Make The Republican Party Bend to Our Will"


Ana Kasparian, co-host of 'The Young Turks,' said Monday night that Democrats want a candidate who will not concede to the right-wing and make the Republican party "bend to our will."

"I did not like Hillary Clinton as a Democratic candidate, but when push came to shove, the right thing to do was to vote for her, and that's what I did, even as someone who lives in California who could have very easily casted a protest vote," Kasparian told CNN host Chris Cuomo.

"I just want to quickly talk about or answer the question about who would be the best challenger to Donald Trump," Kasparian said in an interview on CNN. "I mean, look. Biden's got to figure out which state he's in first before he talks about fighting Donald Trump. I mean, he's campaigning in New Hampshire, he thinks he's in Vermont. He's had one gaffe after the next after the next. And Viden has this habit, and I think you see this with a lot of establishment Democrats, where he thinks he can work with the right-wing and compromise with the right-wing."

"I think that establishment that Democrats are really missing the point," she said. "We don't want someone who's going to concede to the right-wing. We want a fighter, we want someone who's going to make the Republican party bend to our will. Because we've been conceding to their side for far too long, far too often, and that has created the type of political climate and the political situation we're dealing with today."

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