Ben Carson on China: Trump Is A Great Negotiator, "Leave Him To His Area Of Expertise"


HUD Secretary Ben Carson reacts to President Trump’s vow to respond to China after the Chinese slapped new tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods. Carson also discusses his department’s new proposal, which aims to stop housing discrimination.

CHARLES PAYNE, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Everyone knows President Trump is upset with the fed and also upset with this relationship with China. Their retaliation this morning obviously angered the president even more, but many are saying the president can't order American businesses what to do. He can ask them, he can request, even use the olive branch from here to there, what do you make of what happened this morning with these series of tweets?

HUD SECRETARY BEN CARSON: Well you know, the relationship with China is a very, very long and complex one and, you know, something has been necessary for a long time. It is finally being done. I think we just have to kind of leave him to, you know his area of expertise and that's negotiating. It is going to be tough though.

CHARLES PAYNE: No, it is going to be tough, but to be quite frank with you, I think we're winning this thing. The economic data proves that we're winning it. But we ultimately want to win it. American businesses are moving out at a faster pace than every expert said was possible a year ago. I think it is right to shame them sending jobs overseas about but when you start to say I will order companies to do these things, I think the public gets worried. Certainly the market down 570 points, the market is down, and do you think there is any way to mitigate that type of language?

BEN CARSON: People just have to recognize sometimes things come out of people's mouths in ways that they didn't necessarily intend. You have to look at really what is the intent here. Again the intent here is to rectify this incredibly lopsided relationship that has been going for a very long period of time.

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