Danish PM: Greenland Is Not For Sale, But No Harm Done


President Donald Trump has canceled a state visit to Denmark next month after the nation's prime minister said Greenland was not for sale to the US. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said in a press conference Tuesday:

METTE FREDERICKSEN: It was an opportunity to celebrate Denmark's close relationship to the U.S., who remains one of Denmark's closest allies. I was looking forward to having a dialogue of the many shared interests my country has with the U.S.

Furthermore, the development in the Arctic region calls for further cooperation between the U.S. and Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Denmark, and therefore I would like to underline our invitation for stronger cooperation of Arctic affairs still stands.

A discussion has, however, been raised about a potential sale of Greenland. This has clearly been rejected... a position that I share, of course. This does not change the character of our good relations, and we will of course from Denmark continue our ongoing dialogue with the U.S. about how we can develop our cooperation.

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