White House Trade Advisor Navarro: Tariffs On China Are "Not Hurting Anybody Here"


White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday that tariffs on Chinese goods are not hurting consumers in the United States, dismissing studies cited by host Jake Tapper

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: You and the administration keep saying the entire burden of these tariffs and this trade war is being borne by China.

WH TRADE ADVISOR PETER NAVARRO: And that is absolutely true.

TAPPER: A study from researchers at Harvard, the University of Chicago, the IMF and the Federal Reserve of Boston in May found that U.S. importers are shouldering about 95% of the price change from tariffs, and China is shouldering only 5%. Are you saying their research is wrong?

NAVARRO: That dog won't hunt. Let's do some math here. You put on 10% tariffs on $200 billion. And China devalues its currency by 12%. Are consumers bearing anything on that? No. We have seen absolutely no evidence in the price data. It's not showing up in the consumer price index.

TAPPER: If these tariffs aren't hurting anyone in the United States --

NAVARRO: They're not hurting anybody here. They're hurting China.

TAPPER: -- then why, when the president delayed these tariffs that were supposed to hit around Christmas, why did you call it "a Christmas present to the American people" to delay those tariffs if that doesn't specifically suggest the tariffs would have been borne by consumers here? You're saying that imposing the tariffs is great, and not imposing the tariffs is great.

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