Howard Kurtz Grills Anthony Scaramucci: Do You Make Money From Turning On The President?


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci talks with FNC's "MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz about why he changed his mind about supporting President Trump.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: I stayed with him for two years, I broke gradually on several different things. They're taking four-month-old babies away from breast-feeding moms in ICE attacks -- come on guys, this is not the United States we grew up in.

HOWARD KURTZ: A lot of your critics would say the president has used divisive language from the beginning and you largely defended him. You were tough on certain issues, including on this program, but you largely defended him, you wrote a book largely praising him, and then they're saying, what took you so long?

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: I think it is a very justifiable criticism and I will be having an editorial in the Washington Post this week that fully elucidates that. To those on the left: We recognize that the president is a clear and present danger to American society and culture. There are many people inside the White House and in the cabinet. I would ask the left, let's create an offramp for those people. When you're trying to deprogram people from a cult, one of the first things you have to do is allow them to have the space to change their mind...

HOWARD KURTZ: Look, you have been a very popular guy this week, you've been all over MSNBC and CNN, you sat down with Don Lemon, one of the premiere anti-Trump people on TV. You were on MSNBC with Omarosa. Sean Spicer says your defection is "catnip" for the left wing media to go out and use somebody like you to create a controversy, does he have a point?

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: Well he has a very good talking point, but I think people can see through the camera in their living rooms that that is not really my personality. I got brutally fired by the guy, if I was going to break from the guy why wouldn't I have just broken then and there? I tried to stay loyal to his agenda and his mission, but I am also balanced today. I am also pointing out there are a lot of things having to do with the economy that have been very helpful, the racial stuff has been very hurtful. And what I would say to Sean Spicer, ripping the social fabric of the country is metastatic cancer. Having a recession here and there is a bone break, we can survive it. But what he is doing... is unamerican and not good for our country.

I need this stuff like a whole in my head, by the way. I'm looking at the country, my five children, I'm looking at where we are culturally.

HOWARD KURTZ: When you say all of these things, you called him a cult leader, which is pretty incendiary language, so were you just swallowing all this? Did you have terrible judgment? Because now you're telling us he's a bad leader, the guy who you supported.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: I didn't really call him a cult leader--

HOWARD KURTZ: You said members of a cult.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: People in cults need to be deprogrammed and therefore you need to create an offramp for them... If he continues down the path of projecting racism to divide the country, people like myself will split with him...

HOWARD KURTZ: I want to let you respond to what Hogan Gidley said, that people like you, when you see a moment where you can profit personally from turning on the president, because it makes them a lot more popular.

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: Hogan Gidley has seen my financial disclosure, I'm not interested in anything like that. What I'm interested in is real leadership and less division. I don't take it personally, he's got a tough job, I'm sure he is terrorized and in fear most of the day dealing with the guy. I get it, it's fine.

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