WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Blasts Scaramucci In First TV Interview: "His Feelings Seem To Be Hurt"


Stephanie Grisham, the new White House press secretary and communications director, blasted former communications director Anthony Scaramucci in her first TV interview Wednesday with Eric Bolling on Sinclair's "America This Week."

Scaramucci was interviewed on the same show right before Grisham where he said President Trump was "mentally declining."

"That's nonsensical to me," Grisham said about Scaramucci's comment. "His feelings just seem to be hurt."

"He’s the president. His poll numbers are going through the roof. Our economy is doing better than ever. He’s doing a great job. Anthony knows that and the country knows that," Grisham said.

Grisham also commented on whether there would be any more White House press briefings going forward, saying: "We're going to talk about it, that will be ultimately up to the president. We have had two press briefings with Secretary Mnuchin and Ken Cuccinelli. Those worked out well and the press seemed to like that."

"But we want to hear from you," host Eric Bolling said.

"You will hear from me, you're hearing from me right now!" Grisham noted. "But the president also is so accessible. Right now I think that's good enough."

"So you could almost call it one of his press conferences when he gets off the airplane... and spends 40 minutes with reporters?" Bolling asked.

"No question goes unanswered, he will take questions on a variety of issues," Grisham said. "And also, you've got to remember I have three roles right now: First Lady's office, director of communications in the West Wing, and press secretary. So I'm getting to know my teams, rebuilding the press teams, getting up to speed on policy. There's a lot of work being done behind the scenes. It is not all about a press briefing. And honestly, the president is his best spokesperson."

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