Trump Supports Second Amendment at Rally: "It's Not The Gun That Pulls The Trigger, It's The Person"


President Trump addressed the role mental illness plays in gun violence and shootings at a Manchester, NH 'Keep America Great' campaign rally Thursday night.

"We are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people in those mentally sick and should not have guns," Trump said. "But people have to remember, however, that there is a mental illness problem that has to be dealt with."

"It is not the gun that pulls the trigger, it is the person holding the gun," Trump told supporters.

"They are seriously ill people and they are on the streets," Trump said about the mentally-ill homeless. "We can't make it harder for good, solid, law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. We will always uphold the right to self-defense, and we will always uphold the Second Amendment, we will."

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