Scaramucci: Trump At "Worse Level Than Racism," He's Racist Against Everybody


Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that President Donald Trump just views people as "objects."

SCARAMUCCI: He treats everybody like objects. There's no way he's a racist because when he's looking at you he doesn't see color, he just sees a potential transaction, an opportunity or a detriment. That's not racism. That might be narcissism. I'm not a psychiatrist so I don't know but it's not racism because I've watched him do it. It's like a worse level than racism. It's racist against everybody. he could careless. you're an object in his way for or against and then he's got a playbook. He's using it on me now.

The playbook is let me intimidate. Let me bully. Let me say stuff. I mean, you got to think about this guy. He's using the American presidency and the Twitter feed from the American presidency to go after his fellow citizens from the White House, from the presidency, right?

So you got to just think about how disturbing that is and so for me, you know, he's talking about other people being un-American and they have to go back to places where they came from and stuff like that. Hey, Mr. President, you're being un-American. Bullying is un-American...

Anderson, I've got five children. This guy is trying to put me in harm's way on his Twitter feed as he's done to other people. I'm not saying I'm being singled out, I could care less. But the reason he's doing it is not because of me. He's doing it to scare the Bejesus out of all those people on The Hill that hate his guts. They're up there looking at each other shaking their head. We've got to wait this guy out. It's either 15 months or five years, they hate his guts. He knows it. They know it but they are afraid to speak up.

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