Tim Ryan: "The White Supremacists Think That Donald Trump Is A White Supremacist"


In an interview with Bill Hemmer on "FOX News Sunday," presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan said " the president hasn't done a good job at all of setting a tone of bringing people together" on race issues. He noted: "The white supremacists think that Donald Trump is a white supremacist."

REP. TIM RYAN: My only point was, and I’ve said this, that the white supremacists think that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. So don't take a political candidate's comments, because people don't really take a lot of credibility with what anybody says.

I would just say when you look at this kid in El Paso, you know, he was saying similar things that President Trump has said about the invasion and all of this. And all I’m saying is sometimes that the rhetoric does get so hot around immigrants, othering people, making people not feel a part of the United States, not part of the country.

Look, these are complicated issues. Let's deal with them. But to incite and say go back to the country that you came from, that's not appropriate either. The president is a cultural figure.


HEMMER: But in the political -- in a political sense, Joaquin Castro, Democrat from Texas, he is trying to shame to Trump donors on social media, you know that story. His twin brother is running to be the nominee.

The point is, members of your own party are contributing to all of this.

RYAN: Bill, I’m just going to say this. I’m so sick of the left and right and left and right and back and forth. I’m trying to project a campaign for president that is about new and better.

We are locked in these same arguments that we've been having. I believe we need to call out racist activity when we hear it and words when we hear it. There are ethical lines that we should not cross. I think the president hasn't done a good job at all of setting a tone of bringing people together.

He's the first one that torched the joint on Twitter and start a fight. I mean, even the supporters of him say this. Like, he can't do that.

If this country needs to heal and I’m looking for new and better, not left or right, and we've got to get out of this left-right divide. It's been going on since Vietnam and quite frankly it's going on my whole life. I’m 46 is old.

I’m ready for America to come together and heal around issues where 90 percent of us agree, like on this gun issue.

HEMMER: On that --

RYAN: The social and emotional learning in school, and all these other things. We can come together on some of this.

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