President Trump Retweets Video Implying Clintons Killed Jeffrey Epstein


In this video retweeted on Saturday afternoon by President Trump, comedian Terrence K. Williams said he is "not surprised" to see reports that accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell because "he had information on the Clintons." Williams also wrote: "retweet if you're not surprised."

"He had information on the Clintons, and the man ended up dead," Williams said. "For some reason, people that have information on the Clintons end up dead -- and they usually die from suicide. How does everybody die from suicide that has information on you?"

"To be honest with you, I don't want to know nothing about the Clintons," he continued. "Don't tell me nothing, I'm not trying to end up dead!"

"I'm not going to say who killed that man because I might end up dead, but the word around the street is the Clintons did it. I don't know though, hey I'm just another black man on Twitter, I don't know nothing."

"How do you end up dead when you are a high-profile case in prison? Come on now, you on suicide watch and you die of suicide in prison?" he asked. "Somebody's not doing their job, or somebody got paid not to do their job, so somebody can't get knocked off so information doesn't come out."

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