Elie Mystal: Trump Supporters Ignoring Racism Are Saying "I Don't Support Slavery, But I Do Want Cheap Cotton Tees"


Elie Mystal, editor for the legal site "Above The Law," told MSNBC's "AM Joy" Sunday morning that "there is no moral distinction between being excited by Trump’s racism and being indifferent to Trump’s racism."

He explained that "racism and oppression always come from an economic argument" and said people who support Trump's economic policies but ignore his racism are like people before the Civil War saying, "I am not in it for slavery, but I do want those cheap cotton tees."

ELIE MYSTAL: This is a facet of white America, right? Racism and oppression always comes from an economic argument attached to it. I am sure if we went back to the day, like AntebellumCycle, people were saying, "I am not in it for slavery, but I do want those cheap cotton tees." I am sure that was what was happening.

I disagree with people who think there is a moral distinction between people who are excited by the racism and verses people who are merely indifferent to racism. There is no moral distinction, there cannot be a moral distinction. You know why? The children who are orphaned of the streets of Mississippi see no moral distinction between [it], because Stephen Ross got a tax cut to look the other way while parents are being abducted.

What needs to happen, I don't know how much money Stephen Ross needs, but I am confident that those children would buy a membership to Equinox if it would bring back mommy and daddy. Their money isn't enough for Stephen Ross. Their checks are no good in the Hamptons. That's why these Trump supporters are just as complicit and cruelty as the man himself.

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