Susan Rice: Trump Using Language Of Dictators And People Who Incite Genocide


Former national security adviser Susan Rice says white supremacy in the US is a real and growing problem.

SUSAN RICE: [Donald Trump] continues to divide us, most profoundly along racial lines. And to suggest those who come to this country as immigrants, those who have skin that looks like mine are somehow less than human. He has likened us to an invasion, an infestation. He uses terms that liken us to rodents.

This is horrific language. In fact, Wolf, it is the language I recall as National Security Adviser, and then early in my career, as the kind of language that dictators and people who incite violence and genocide have used.

So this is really quite dangerous and a trip to visit towns that have been deeply impacted by this kind of violence that has been stoked by hateful rhetoric don't solve the fundamental problem, which is that we are a divided society and we need healing and unification from the president of the United States, not pitting us against one another.

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