Fmr. Rep. Luis Gutierrez to Trump: "Stop Calling People Like Me Breeders"


CNN: During a CNN panel discussing President Donald Trump's statement about the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, former Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) says he wants President Donald Trump to stop igniting hatred and bigotry in the US and accuses the Republican party for not taking any action on gun control legislation because they are "owned" by the National Rifle Association.

FMR. REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ: Here's the problem. Donald Trump doesn't care about inner city people that live in Chicago. He doesn't care about people that live in Chicago and that are dying because of gun violence. He doesn't care. He simply wants to use us as a foil to speak to his political base.

Look, the fact is the President of the United States must stop inciting violence in America. He is the inviter in chief of the violence that we are living in America. He has a huge platform. And there was no self-examination of his own contribution.

Stop calling people like me breeders. Stop calling people like me murderers. My mom and dad are great people. My children are great people. We came to America to contribute. Stop demonizing us. We love our neighbors and care for our neighbors. And we have contributed to the great success and democracy of what is America.

Stop using us as political pawns in your game of re-election. The American people should be -- first of all, look, we're going to be back here in two weeks, and here's what I predict, nothing happened because this president will not act.

The last time we had the Brady Bill, the last time we had assault weapons ban, we had a democratic president and a democratic house and democratic -- and you know what the republicans did? They used our advancement of gun control to take and make sure we didn't have a majority in the House of Representatives. They used it against us.

So, look, we have to stand up for the American people. Yes, my heart broke. Let's stop allowing people to break the hearts of the American people as they watch these deaths occur each and every day on T.V. And let's just say the President, you must have a self-examination and a self-reckoning with your own words and your own contribution to the death and the mayhem that exists in America today.

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