Dem Rep. Tim Ryan: Mitch McConnell "Needs To Get Off His Ass And Do Something" About Gun Control


CNN: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) excoriates President Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell following two shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN: The strangest bit about it I found -- well, a strange thing is that he did not mention -- he mentioned on Twitter the need for more background checks -- stricter background checks and possibly linking it to immigration reform. He made no mention of that though in his speech.

In his speech he talked about red flag laws, toughening mental health laws, taking on violent video games and social media, developing tools to detect mass shooters before they strike and making sure the death penalty is in place for murder if someone's convicted of murder as a hare crime.

No mention of the immigration reform tie or anything like that. Of what the president listed out, you say he's disingenuous. Do you see any bipartisan opening in what he listed out this morning?

REP. TIM RYAN (D-OH): Sure. I mean I think the red flag law's a great place to start. I mean he did mention background checks. There's a bill right -- a universal background check sitting at the Senate.

He should tell Mitch McConnell get back in session, pass these bills that the Democrats have sent over to you, let's not make this a partisan issue. It has support of 80 percent of the American people, the Charleston loophole too extending the check to ten days.

So that we can ensure that people who are getting their hands on these weapons are clear and vetted properly. And we have the time to appropriately do that. So, but the problem is Kate, he gave a very similar speech after the Parkland shooting in Florida how many months back?

So, he's got no credibility on this issue. He's got to act. He should call Mitch -- if he wants -- look, let me give him this advance, if he wants to rebuild trust with the American people, call the Senate back in the session in Washington D.C.

Tell Mitch McConnell to pass the two bills that we sent over to him and begin rebuilding the trust with the American people. But he has said he's going to veto both of those bills. They got 240 votes in the House. They're supported by 80 percent of the American people. Let's move on those and let's not have a polarizing discussion.

BOLDUAN: Do you have any indication that the House Speaker, that Nancy Pelosi is looking to call you all back in order to put more pressure on the Senate Majority Leader to do the same?

REP. RYAN: I don't know. There is a call happening soon that I'll be jumping on. I'm not sure. I mean but the reality is that there are two bills already sitting at the Senate. So for the House to come back and do anything else that's not going to go anywhere in the Senate isn't going to prove anything.

Mitch McConnell should call the Senate back, pass these two bills and I would guarantee you Nancy Pelosi would say well, we can do more too and we will come back. I guarantee she would say that because I know her and I know her well.

She would say if we're going to get things done, we'll all come back and cancel the August work period and let's keep this going. I know she would do that but the key is the bottleneck in Kentucky and the gentleman from Kentucky needs to -- as I've said many times, he needs to get off his ass and get to work.

And that's the only way we're going to get this stuff done. I cannot tell you the level of frustration in this community. People that grabbed me yesterday after the visual, Republicans, I can't even count how many Republicans grabbed me yesterday saying Congressman, please get something done. This is going on too long.

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