Marianne Williamson vs. Anderson Cooper on Depression: "There's Value Sometimes In Feeling The Sadness"


CNN's Anderson Cooper challenges Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on her views about antidepressants and mental health. Williamson lamented the loss of sense in society that there are times when sadness is part of life. Williamson also argued that a "spiritual person" is just as qualified to speak about "sadness" as a medical professional.

"Clinically depressed people aren’t depressed because the world is depressing," Cooper told Williamson. "They have a chemical imbalance."

"What I believe is that when we go through these issues of normal human despair," William said.

"There is value sometimes in feeling the sadness, feeling that dark night of the soul," Williamson said in a combative interview with Cooper. "We have lost our sense that there are times when sadness is part of life."

Williamson then went on to quote the poet Rainer Maria Rilke: "Let me not squander the hours of my pain."

"If you're on an antidepressant, you're not numbing your pain. You're actually trying to feel again," the CNN host said.

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