Ken Starr: IG Report Will Show How Trump Probe Began And The "House Of Cards" Will Collapse


Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr predicts that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his report will show that there was no Russian collusion or conspiracy.

KEN STARR: I think what comes next is the revelation of truth, how it all began. So much of this is going, Bill, to how did this get started? Let's go to Genesis, chapter one. And that again is what leads us right back to Michael Horowitz and his report. And I think where it will lead us -- and this is a predictive judgment and I may be proven wrong -- is that the entire house of cards collapsed. There was no Russian collusion. There was no conspiracy whatsoever.

And ironically, Bill, as you know, the Mueller report itself, for all of its flaws, and I have many criticisms of it self-demonstrates that time and time again... but there was no conspiracy, there was no collusion and there's lots of signs along the way that there not had been any type of coordination with Russian operatives and so forth. So what we're hearing now is a lot of rhetoric but I think in terms of the law, all these various and sundry dimensions of how this all began will be revealed and the entire thing will collapse.

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