Trump: Democrats Put Foreigners Before Americans, Care More About Illegal Immigrants Than Own Constituents


President Trump said Democratic lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than their own constituents and put the needs of foreigners before American citizens at a campaign rally Thursday night. The president praised Mexico for helping to slow down the flood of migrants to the U.S. Trump said Mexico does "a lot more for us" than Democrats.

"The greatest betrayal committed by the Democrats is their support for open borders," Trump said at a rally Cincinnati tonight. "These open borders would overwhelm schools and hospitals, drain public services, and flood communities with poisonous drugs. It is tough enough. And I want to thank, by the way, the country of Mexico. They've 21,000 soldiers on the border right now."

"I'm starting to like Mexico a lot. They do a lot more for us than the Democrats do, right? A lot more," Trump said to cheers.

"The numbers are way down, you will see that, way, way down," Trump said, presumably about illegal border crossings.

"Democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents. They put foreign citizens before American citizens. We're not going to do that," Trump declared.

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