Lou Dobbs vs. Neil Cavuto: Has Trump Done Anything To Contain The Spiralling Deficit And Debt?


Fox Business Network anchors Neil Cavuto and Lou Dobbs engaged in a hearty debate Tuesday about the president's economic policy and attitude towards the national debt during a panel with fellow FBNers Charles Payne, Maria Bartiromo, and Stuart Varney.

"They should look at a lot of other parties in this. If you want to blame the Federal Reserve's too aggressive monetary policy pushing rates tighter you could. If you want took at both parties' abandonment of any hint of fiscal restraint, you could look at that, as well. You know the fact of the matter is there are a lot of hands in this," Cavuto said.

“Stuart touched on this notion that deflation is a big worry,” he added. “That is a legitimate concern, I think you’re right about that, Stuart. I just don’t know what following Japan and Europe to try to control this is going to do, because they’ve not done a good job containing it."

"Well, somebody has done a good job and that is President Trump. It is this economy," Dobbs replied.

Cavuto fired back: "Lou, you think he has done a good job on reining in spending, on reining — I give him high marks on the tax cuts and cutting regulation."

"You have to work this thing out with the president, Neil, but meanwhile here is the reality," Dobbs said to Cavuto.

"Fact, fact, do you think this president has done anything to contain the deficits and the debt that had spiraled still from what levels he had from Barack Obama?" Cavuto asked Dobbs.

"I do, indeed," Dobbs responded.

"What has he done to address it, Lou?" Cavuto fired back.

Let’s go through a couple of issues. Deregulation which raised productivity," Dobbs said. "Wait a minute, Neil. You asked me a question, I really need to answer it, please. Furthermore, you're looking unemployment in this country at historic lows. By the way, it is shared prosperity. It is not only shared prosperity, we’re looking at record low unemployment for every minority group in this country."

"Lou, we jnow all that, what has changed on the debt and deficit?" Cavuto said.

"Nobody is going to be able to rein in the debt," Maria Bartiromo lamented as anchor Charles Payne changed the subject.

"When Kudlow says don't worry about debts and deficits anymore, you know something has changed," Payne said.

(hat/tip: DC Examiner)

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