Kamala Harris: I Don't Take "Assad Apologist" Tulsi Gabbard's Opinions Seriously


Sen. Kamala Harris responds to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's criticism of her record as a prosecutor during Thursday night's presidential debate by calling her an "apologist" for Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad.

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ANDERSON COOPER, CNN: Did you expect that from Tulsi Gabbard, had you had interactions about that in the past, and how do you think it went?

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS: I mean, listen, this is going to sound immodest, but I'm obviously a top tier candidate, so I did expect that I would be on the stage and take hits tonight because there are a lot of people who are trying to make the stage for the next debate. Especially when people are at zero or one percent or whatever she might be at, so I did expect I would take hits tonight.

Listen, I think that this coming from someone who has been an apologist for an individual, [Syrian President Bashar al] Assad, who has murdered the people of his country like cockroaches. She has embraced and been an apologist for him in the way she refuses to call him a war criminal. I can only take what she says and her opinion so seriously, so I'm prepared to move on.

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