Bernie Sanders Denies "Non-Aggression" Deal With Elizabeth Warren: "We've Been Friends Over 20 Years"


When asked Thursday on "CBS This Morning" if he and fellow progressive candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren have a "non-aggression" deal to not attack each other during presidential debates, Sen. Bernie Sanders said they "have been friends over 20 years," are running "different campaigns" and that "beating up on someone else is not good politics."

Progressive commentator Cenk Uygur said this week that a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket would be a "dream team."

When asked what the biggest difference between him and Warren, Sanders said: "No. I have to tell the American people what I believe. And I'm going to take on the greed of Wall Street, the drug companies, the insurance companies. We are going to tell the fossil fuel industry that they can not continue to destroy this planet for their short-term profit."

"That's my message to the American people," Sanders reiterated. "We gotta take on corporate greed and create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%."

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