Axelrod: "Bad News" For Joe Biden Is "This May Be The Best He Can Do"


Wednesday during CNN's post-debate analysis, former Obama campaign manager David Axelrod warned that while former Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance was better than last time, "this may be the best he could do."

DAVID AXELROD: I think the good news for Joe Biden is this was maybe the best he could do, and the bad news is this may be the best he could do. He was much better than last time. He was much more engaged. But…he had moments in which he was uncertain, where he was on the defensive. And the main thing is, he was the guy who was going to take on Trump and bring it to Trump and restore values and decency. That was what — that’s where he started in this race. Tonight, he had to be a gut fighter, and I think he paid some price for that.

(Hat tip: Breitbart Clips

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