Cenk Uygur: We're Beginning To Whisper About Sanders/Warren Dream Team To "Obliterate" Donald Trump


Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Aida Rodriguez, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of "The Young Turks," break down the winners and losers of Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate from a progressive point of view.

"Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren absolutely crushed tonight, ten out of ten for both of them," Cenk Uygur said.

"[Sanders] was really strong, he was a fighter tonight, and Elizabeth Warren [had] one great point after another," Uygur said. "Obviously, looking at them together fighting off all the Republicans on the stage -- yes, I know I said Republicans -- it made me think of, of course, the dream team. So tonight we begin to whisper of a dream that they're together. Obviously, we don't know what form that will take, but if they're together they are going to maul the rest of the field, both in the Democratic primaries and then absolutely obliterate Donald Trump."

"They are actually talking about helping the average American worker, not the corporations," he explained. "Both of them tonight with the courage to call out not only their corrupt colleagues but also to call out corporate power. It has been forever that I have been waiting for this moment and every progressive in the country has been waiting for this moment. To see progressives actually gather up the courage to be politicians that actually represent us."

"It seems unimaginable to work up the courage to say yes, multinational corporations are screwing you," he continued. "Big corporations are not your friend. Now those messages are going to absolutely resonate with American voters. Will it resonate in the media? Probably not. Will it resonate with the rest of the Democratic Party? Probably not."

"But hey, I got news for you John Delaney and John Hickenlooper: You're polling at zero percent and it is not going to get better for you. I guarantee this is the last night for Delaney, Hickenlooper, Tim Ryan, Amy Klobuchar (was she even at the debate?), and Steve Bullock. Totally unimaginative and the same old Democratic talking points of my entire life. Hey, why don't we just lose to the Republicans by being Republican-lite? Well, they're doing miserably in this primary because Democratic voters are sick of it. They gave a lot of Republican talking points and talked themselves out of the race tonight."

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