Al Sharpton: If Trump Really Thought I Was A Con Man He'd Nominate Me For His Cabinet


Rev. Al Sharpton spoke Monday about President Trump's comments denouncing the city of Baltimore as "infested" with rats and bugs and calling Sharpton a "troublemaker."

"As for his attacks on me personally, Donald Trump and I have known each other for 25 years. I marched against him with the Central Park Five, I've dealt with him on the birther issue, he ca say what he wants. He called me a troublemaker. Yes, I make trouble for bigots. I made trouble for him with Central Park. I made trouble with him for birtherism. I'm going to keep making trouble for bigots," Sharpton said about Trump. "As far as me being a conman, if he really thought I was a con man he'd be nominating me for his cabinet."

"So he doesn't believe that," Sharpton said, "because, if you remember, right after he was elected, he called me personally and asked me to come meet with him and he sent Omarosa to come meet with me. So he doesn't believe that, but he's playing a race divisive card. We are here to talk about how we built something together and get something done."

The president issued a series of tweets over the weekend denouncing Rep. Elijah Cummings and other Democrats for doing nothing to improve conditions in urban areas like Baltimore.

Watch Sharpton's full press conference Monday in Baltimore:

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