Sen. Scott: "Very Disappointed" In People Like Rep. Cummings Attacking Border Patrol Agents


NBC: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) talks to Chuck Todd about President Trump's attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the Senate's plans to protect elections from Russian interference, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.

CHUCK TODD: I want to move to the president's tweet storm. You spend a lot of time, energy, and resources trying to win over non-white voters in the state of Florida, in your elections for governor and the Senate. You've learned Spanish. You speak Spanish. You spend a lot of time reaching out. The president spends a lot of time, on his Twitter feed, trying to racially divide the country. Does that undermine efforts of the Republican Party in the state of Florida?
SEN. RICK SCOTT: Well, first off, I think it's important that you talk to everybody. And you, you know, whether you're running for election or when you're elected, you represent everybody. On Friday, I met with a group of Chinese Americans. And I had a rally with Venezuelans about what's happened down there. Look, I think we've got to do everything we can to bring this country back together --
CHUCK TODD: Why doesn't the president think that? Why do you think the president -- doing this, it's just stoking racial resentment, left and right. He's done it multiple times this month alone. He obviously thinks this is good politics inside the Republican Party. Do you think it's good politics inside the Republican Party?
SEN. RICK SCOTT: Well, Chuck, let's look at what he said, all right, and why he did it. Congressman Cummings sat there and attacked our Border Patrol agents, all right? This is , this reminds me of what happened to soldiers coming back from Vietnam.
CHUCK TODD: But that justifies a racial resentment tweet in response? Is that presidential leadership?
SEN. RICK SCOTT: Well, look, I, I, look, I didn't do the tweets, Chuck. I can't talk about why he did what he did. But I'm very disappointed in the people, like Congressman Cummings, who is attacking Border Patrol agents that are trying to do their job, when the Democrats won't give them the resources to do it. They won't secure the border. They won't fix the asylum laws. And then Democrats want to sit there and say, "Oh, those Border Patrol agents don't care." Let me tell you, I've been to the border. I've talked to Border Patrol agents. I know they care about these individuals. But we have got to give them the resources and the ability to do their job.
CHUCK TODD: It's not lost on me that you were harsher on Elijah Cummings than you were on the president and what he's done. You seem hesitant to do this, to criticize the president, individually, on these things. I understand the politics of it. But do we ever heal, if each side just goes into their corner?
SEN. RICK SCOTT: Chuck, here's that -- when I agree with the president, I'll agree with him. When I disagree, I'll disagree with him. You can ask him why he did the tweet. I can tell you, I’ve had -- I've disagreed with the president with some things with regard to Puerto Rico. I mean, is he happy about that? Of course not, okay? But just like on Puerto Rico, I'm going to do what I believe is in the best interest of my state. I'm disappointed, when people are out there are attacking Border Patrol agents. Would I like everybody to come together and work together? That's what I'm trying to do in my state. Right now, I mean, the country is divided, because of a lot of things.

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