Trump on Impeachment: Democrats Are Clowns, Laughed At All Over The World


President Trump responded to impeachment threats from Congressional Democrats at a media availability Friday afternoon.

"All they want to do is impede. They want to investigate. They want to go fishing. And I watched Bob Mueller and they have nothing. There's no collusion, there's no obstruction, there's nothing. It's a disgrace," Trump told the press.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, we have a great agreement with Mexico but we're gonna probably do some additional work on it because we can't get anything from the Democrats. Dealing with Mexico is really--what Mexico is doing for us at the border is far greater than what the Democrats have done. You know the amazing thing about the Democrats, it was all fine, everything was great four or five years ago before I was president. And now they think we're gonna win so they're doing everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. We had no obstruction. We had no collusion.

You know, obstruction's sort of interesting. They've interviewed 500 people. They've interviewed lawyers. They've interviewed everybody that they wanted to interview; people that had--I could've kept back by using presidential privilege. I could have kept back everybody. They didn't have to interview anybody. I gave them totally. And then they say obstruction.

These people are clowns. The Democrats are clowns. They're being laughed at all over the world. And I watched this morning; I watched Nancy Pelosi tried to get through that with the performance that Robert Mueller put on where I don't think he ever read the agreement or the document. And the document said no collusion. They don't even talk about that. So, there was no crime. They said, well, there was no crime, but he obstructed. How do you obstruct if there's no crime? But, actually it was worse than that because it was a phony crime that they put on. The crime was what they put on.

But, I watched Mueller for two and a half years we've watched this. And that's the best they have. And it's a disgrace. And the world is laughing at them. And, unfortunately it's so bad for our country. It's bad in our relationships with other countries, including Russia. There's no reason we shouldn't get along with Russia. There's no reason we shouldn't get along with other countries. And one of the things that's nice about Guatemala is we've never had a better relationship.

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