Graham: "Mueller Report In Name Only," Special Counsel Was In A "Weakened State"


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) accused people around former special counsel Robert Mueller of using his "weakened state" to push what he called "the Mueller report in name only." Graham speculated he had more to do with the Mueller report than the special counsel did.

"The hatred for Trump knows no boundaries," Graham said on 'Hannity' Wednesday night. "They used this man. And one of the reasons I told people early on that I was not going to call Mueller is because the report speaks for itself. I was told by people close to Bob Mueller that he really shouldn't have to go through this."

"I knew he wasn't capable of this. I am a stupid talk show host. I was told repeatedly that he was not up to the task," host Sean Hannity said.

"The one thing I can tell you after today, the Mueller report is in name only," Graham said. "It clearly wasn't the Mueller report. It was just in name. I had more to do with the Mueller report than probably he did."

"And do you know what bothers me a lot?" the Senator continued. "People around Bob Mueller knew he was in a weakened state. This guy served in Vietnam, got wounded, done a lot of great things for the country. He should not have been called."

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