Nicolle Wallace: Mueller Had Some "Significant Breakthroughs"; Idea Of Trump In Jail Not Incomprehensible


MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace reacted to criticism of former special counsel Robert Mueller's performance at today's House Judiciary Committee hearing.

FOX News' Chris Wallace called the hearing a "disaster" for Democrats and to the reputation of Mueller. MSNBC's Jeremy Bash said Mueller "sucked the life" out of the report, was evasive at the hearing and seemed lost at times.

NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: I don't think that Mueller failed. I actually agree with Congressman [Ted] Lieu (D-CA). I think that there was some significant breakthroughs. And if the public hears one thing and they hear that he committed crimes that would land anybody else in a jail cell and he actually has three or four buddies sitting in jail with the situation. Donald Trump in jail is not some incomprehensible concept. He knows a lot of people in jail and a lot of us don't know anybody in jail.

I think there is more that Mueller can do in service of the report he's obviously proud and protective of but it is in Mueller's interest as well as in the interest of the truth.

On Twitter, David Axelrod called the hearing "painful."

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