Mueller: Trump's Written Answers Showed He "Generally" Wasn't Always Being Truthful


Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) questioned former special counsel Robert Mueller during his July 24 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Mueller said President Trump was "generally" untruthful in his written answers to the special counsel's office.

REP. VAL DEMINGS (D-FL): Director Mueller, isn't it fair to say that the President's written answers were not only inadequate and incomplete because he didn't answer many of your questions, but where he did, his answers showed that he wasn't always being truthful?

MUELLER: I would say generally.

DEMINGS: Generally. Director Mueller, it's one thing for the President to lie to the American people about your investigation, falsely claiming that you found no collusion and no obstruction, but it's something else altogether for him to get away with not answering your questions and lying about them. And as a former law enforcement officer of almost 30 years, I find that a disgrace to our criminal justice system. Thank you so much.

MUELLER: Thank you, ma'am.

DEMINGS: I yield back to the Chairman.

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