CNN's John King: Robert Mueller Seemed Unfamiliar With His Own Report


CNN chief national correspondent John King said at times it seemed former special counsel Robert Mueller was "unfamiliar" with his own report in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. King later said there was no meaningful moment from the hearing.

JOHN KING, CNN: I think this is where there's been a lot of questioning about why does Robert Mueller not answer these questions. Why has he been halting in some ways? Why does he seem unfamiliar at times with his own report? It's a voluminous report. He was the CEO of the operation if you will. But other people are questioning, is he all there if you will. Where he's been most passionate is on questions about the credibility of the investigation and the credibility of his team. He's defended the people on his team, saying he hired the best of the best who are experts. And on this issue here.

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