Roger Kimball: Media Gives AOC's Ideas A Pass Because They Want To Be Accepted By The Elite


'The New Criterion' editor Roger Kimball explains why America is less racist than it has ever been in an interview with FOX News host Tucker Carlson. Kimball said the phrase "people of color" is racist and should be retired because it imbues dark-skinned people with a "special virtue" while casting those with white skin as evil.

"Everybody has a color," Kimball said Wednesday. "It is a racist term, because the idea is that somehow you are trapped by your skin color. That having dark skin imbues you with a special virtue, and having white skin imbues you with a special evil, or a liability, and that is a racist idea. And it is being used as a bludgeon to criminalize policy differences and criminalize differences of opinion. And for the sake of America, for the sake of unity, we have to stand up, people in the media need to stand up and start criticizing that."

Kimball said a lack of courage allows people to let ideas by fringe members of the Democratic party pass unchallenged so they will be welcomed by the mainstream media and invited onto the cocktail party circuit.

"So many people who shouldn't let these ideas pass by unchallenged do. We are remarkably passive in the face of hyperaggressive racists like Ilhan Omar. Why is that?" Carlson asked his guest.

"There's a reason why Aristotle said that courage was the most important virtue," Kimball answered. "Because without courage, you can't practice any of the others. And I think that, to a very large extent, it is a lack of courage. It is the herd mentality. People want to be liked. They want to go to the right cocktail parties. They want to get the blessing of 'The New York Times' and CNN and MSNBC. And they know that if they bucked the trend, they won't be. They will be excluded. And they are unwilling to stand up for what they deep down know is right in order to be liked."

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