Full Video: Bernie Sanders Delivers Major Speech On Medicare For All


2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) gave a speech on his Medicare for All proposal at George Washington University on Wednesday.

SANDERS: The current debate over Medicare for All has nothing to do with health care. We are not in a debate about which health care system is working well or which is better. What the debate that we are currently having in this campaign and all over this country has nothing to do with health care, but it has everything to do with the greed and profits of the health care industry...

Medicare for All critics tell us that Americans just love their private insurance companies. You know what, I have never met one person that loves their insurance companies. I have met many people that do love their doctors and their nurses, who have very good experiences in their hospitals, and what we do is to say you can go to those doctors, you can go to those hospitals, but you're not going to have to deal anymore with rip-off insurance companies.

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