Trump: Peter Thiel Made Very Strong Charge, I Would Recommend Government "Take A Look" At Google


Peter Thiel said Google should be investigated by the U.S. government for aiding China and accused the company of being infiltrated by Chinese state security in an interview Monday night with FOX News' Tucker Carlson. President Trump reacted at a media availability in the White House cabinet room on Tuesday.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, what we're doing with China, first of all, Peter Thiel is a friend of mine. He's a tremendous contributor. He's a big--he's a big--he spoke at our convention at the Republican National Convention. Peter is a brilliant young man, one of the most successful people in Silicon Valley. I guess he was an original investor in some of these biggest--biggest companies, including Facebook, I understand. Yeah, he made a very strong charge. He's one of the top, maybe the top expert on all of those things and he made a very big statement about Google.

And I would like to recommend to the various agencies, including perhaps our Attorney General, who--who is with us to maybe take a look. It's a big--it's a big statement, when you say that, you know, Google is involved with China in not a very positive way for our country. So I think we'll all look at that. I know that our other agencies will be looking at it, and we'll see if there's any truth to it. But that's a very big statement made by somebody who's highly respected, so we'll--we'll certainly take a look at that.

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