Juan Williams: Pelosi Is Right, Citizenship Question An Effort To "Make America White Again"


Juan Williams gets in a heated argument with fellow 'FOX News Sunday' roundtable panelists over President Donald Trump's push to get a count of non-citizens in the United States.

JOSH HOLMES, FMR. MITCH MCCONNELL CHIEF OF STAFF: One thing I think he did succeed on, which I --I -- I find it amazing how every time he does this, he was able to get the entirety of the Democratic Party to somehow take the position that it is irresponsible and inappropriate to count the number of Americans living in this country. I don't know how he does it, but literally almost every time he takes a position, he gets his political opposition to -- to embrace a position that is so far out of the mainstream of the American electorate, it's almost laughable.

CHRIS WALLACE, 'FOX NEWS SUNDAY' HOST: Well, let me -- you -- you look troubled about this, Juan. I mean the fact is --

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: I am -- I am baffled by what Josh just said.

WALLACE: Well, no, no, but -- but I mean I just talked to Congressman Lujan --


WALLACE: The top Hispanic in the -- the Congress, and he seems to think that there's something wrong with asking a question on the census, are you a citizen or not? I think to most Americans that seems like a pretty reasonable question.

WILLIAMS: Well, first, to Josh's point, I think everybody wants everyone to be counted, that's the point, not to intimidate or scare people who are here undocumented -- on an undocumented status that they're not counted.

What the Constitution, what the founders said was, an enumeration of the population. That's everyone.

But I think what we know is --

WALLACE: But is it -- is it unreasonable to -- as part of that --

WILLIAMS: It's not un --

WALLACE: I mean -- wait, they -- they -- we ask a lot of questions in the census --


WALLACE: About race --


WALLACE: About -- about income, about gender. What's wrong with asking citizenship?

WILLIAMS: Nothing. In fact, it's on the long form. What we're talking about is the short --

WALLACE: No it isn't. No it isn't on the long form.

WILLIAMS: Yes, it's on the long form. I think there have been -- historically there has been in the past a question about --

WALLACE: There -- there is one for the -- when it goes up to 3 million people. Right.

WILLIAMS: Thank you. That's what I'm talking about.


WILLIAMS: OK. So -- but on the short form, not. And I think this is an effort by this president and his administration, as part of stirring anti- immigrant fervor, to say to the immigrant population, don't participate. If you participate, there's a risk to you, to your family.

Nancy Pelosi said this week, this is an effort to make America white again. I think that's what's going on because we know that Republican operatives wanted to depress this count in order to limit congressional districts that were run by Democrats. And the Supreme Court said the --

WALLACE: Let -- well, let -- let -- let me bring Josh back in.

WILLIAMS: The Commerce Department's rationale of doing this was contrived.

WALLACE: No, they --

HOLMES: It's -- Juan, I think it is beyond irresponsible to suggest the asking of whether or not you are an American citizen is somehow racist and has roots in trying to exclude people of color from this country.

WILLIAMS: Well, you should look at the documentation put out by Republicans that said just that, Josh.

HOLMES: No, it -- look, this is a pretty straightforward issue. And my point was, it is amazing how this president can get folks, Juan, like you, who are eminently reasonable on a whole range of issues, to embrace a -- embrace a discussion that actively says we should not know how many Americans live in this country. That is wild (ph).

WILLIAMS: No, I want everybody -- I want everybody counted. So I want not only Americans -- every -- because what the Constitution and the census is about is how many people live here.

HARMAN: The Supreme Court didn't say never. The Supreme Court said the way this was being handled was contrived.

HOLMES: That's right.

HARMAN: There will be a chance, if the Trump administration wants to handle it responsibly, for them to come back in ten years, oh, my God, not Trump will be president, but for people who want to do this, to come back in ten years and do this responsibly if -- if there's a good goal in mind.

HOLMES: And I -- and I --

HARMAN: No one is saying it is terrible to know who's a citizen. And the president's executive order directing something that was happening -- that's been happening for a year, which is having the departments collect information -- or share information they already have on who the citizens are, is -- is a valid order.

WILLIAMS: That was a face-saving maneuver by a president who folded.

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